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In December of 2004 I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder, which means my thyroid gland is under active, causing all kind of trouble – like weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, etc. I went on hormonal therapy for awhile (armour thyroid), but a year later decided to stop taking pills. You see, I am a big […]

Twenty dollars for some Fine water? No, thanks

This blog post is inspired by something I read online. It was an article called How much would you spend on the best water on earth? To make the long story short, this person was charged seven dollars for a bottle of filtered tap water at one LA restaurant, and she is trying to come […]

You’re not sick; you’re thirsty

You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication. This quote belongs to doctor F. Batmanghelidj who wrote a book  Your Body Many Cries for Water. Water instead of drugs. Hmmm… Sounds crazy? Well, if you look at one scientific fact, you just may consider that there is at least some truth in that. Like, […]

Don`t get angry, get sweaty

I got so angry at my brother today. Boy, I thought I was going to kill him! If only I could reach all the way to Europe… Why? He is getting MARRIED in two months and I am the LAST to find out! And he did not even tell me himself. My mum did!!! In an […]


Last night I watched the HBO documentary called GasLand –  (it`s also available on Netflix). It left me with uneasy feeling. The film is about drilling for natural gas in the USA. The drilling method is called ‘fracking” or ”hydraulic fracturing”. It is a complex procedure and quite frankly I do not remember what goes where, […]

You do not have the kind of water I drink

You do not have the kind of water I drink! I have heard this phrase so many times, that it is my title for this blog entry. It belongs to my friend, massage therapist of thirty years, who bought a super-duper water ionizer little less than a year ago (I had written about that water, […]

Where cancer cannot exist

So, where cancer cannot exist? I have only two words for you – Alkaline Environment. Who said that? Again, two words – Otto Warburg. Who the hell is he? Oh, just a science guy who was awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for that very discovery 79 years ago. Read the article ‘The Root Cause of Cancer‘ […]

Am I getting dumber with every glass of it?

I drink a lot of water (filtered tap), and I often forget most stupid things.. Is there a connection? After watching Mercury & Fluoride on YouTube I say may be. In a nutshell, fluoride in drinking water is supposed to reduce teeth decay by half. Great news!  But with two crowns being recently installed in […]

Thirsty in Rome? Do what Romans do.

I have just gotten back from my Italian vacation. Besides enjoying the sightseeing, the wine and the food, I enjoyed running into numerous street fountains with fresh drinking water all over Italy. This one was in Rome, near Vatican City. It may look unappealing to some, but I assure you, this water from the mountains […]

Water World… Not The Terrible Costner Movie

There is a lot of attention on water these days. I just Googled the word and I got 759,000,000 hits. That’s more than coffee, soda, tea, beer and wine combined!!! I find that popularity strange though, cause most people I know, prefer to drink anything BUT water. And when I ask them why, the answer […]