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Saturn Return

I am a little astrological today, so here it goes. Every 29 and a half years the planet Saturn makes one orbit around the Sun. And, as it returns to the degree occupied during one`s birth, some major events take place in that person`s life. With the first Saturn return, which takes place between 27 […]

Oracle Cards

How often do you find yourself asking, What should I do? I do very often! It can refer to something mundane or it can be about making a business decision. Sometimes I am just not sure, and that`s when the support of higher power comes in handy. It comes in a form of oracle cards. They […]

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you! May it bring countless blessings, great moments and people into your life. May it be wonderful, hilarious and fantastic. May it become the BEST year yet! Stay healthy and hydrated. )))) Since it is a year of Cat(Rabbit), I am going to welcome […]