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Healthy chocolate, is there such a thing?

I had a sweet tooth for chocolate ever since I had well.. teeth. And I am not talking ”eating it every now an then” kinda love. I am talking “I must have it everyday or else I`ll be cranky!” type of affection..
It had never bothered me, until few years and pounds later. Fat thighs or goodbye to chocolate? Quite a dilemma.. But what can substitute CHOCOLATE? Is there such a thing?
Turns out there is. And it is the Dark Chocolate!
What I got from reading NaturalNews,  dark chocolate with at least 65% of cocoa has fewer calories, less sugar, plus it`s good for the heart. No, it won`t heal the broken one, but it just might lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
So, I switched to the dark, completely banning the others. I often go over the recommended 50-100 grams a day, but hey, at least I am eating healthier! Don`t know about the heart, I am too young, but my thighs seem to appreciate it.
What also help is:
I would buy these 72% cocoa Twilight Delight Ghirardelli squares and eat two at a time. Since each square is packaged, unwrapping it feels like opening a whole chocolate bar. I`d open and eat two squares (that`s 22 grams and 144 calories) after each meal and am quite content for the day. If you want to go even darker, I dare you try their monster 86% cocoa Midnight Reverie.

I am wondering how many of us are out there, battling the daily temptation.. Test yourself to find out:
– You cannot make a bar of chocolate last a few days, no matter the size. You will EAT it ALL today!
– You do not share. Not even when a sick mama is asking for a tiny piece.
– You prefer to eat it alone: when you are in love that much, third party is not welcome.
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are an Addict, just like moi!



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