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Monthly female cycle and fortune-telling

There is a fortune-telling based on that day of a month when every woman starts her period. Sorry, guys, this one is not for you. Ladies only.
Three things are needed to make a proper prediction: the time of the day, the day of the week and the day of the month.
I have never tried it myself, but a whole bunch of women swears by it, so I figure there is no harm in posting it. For entertainment purposes if anything.

I`ll start with the time of day:
morning brings love. It can be a love for a man, your family or just someone you know. Morning promises a nice, warm and happy cycle.
afternoon is positive as well, it brings happiness.
evening makes the cycle boring, boredom will be the main mood during those weeks.
night brings loneliness.

The day of the week:
Monday will bring worries, they can be of a pleasant nature or not. Anyway, you`ll be busy. You may get a gift too.
Tuesday will bring you a meeting with a friend (or someone you do not know yet) or a significant change in life.
Wednesday is bad, but you`ll be able to adjust and take it in a calm way.
Thursday brings something unexpected. You`ll be invited to a party and will have to go there. Or you`ll get to a party by chance. Will it be pleasant or not, will depend on you and your friends or new acquaintances.
Friday promises two things – nice news and sorrow (which will be healed by time and your patience).
Saturday is good – your (can be business or love related) wish will come true and someone will say I love you.
Sunday promises a lot of fun during the cycle. You may also have a memorable conversation with a friend.

The day of the month:
1 – you will feel happy throughout the entire cycle.
2 – someone or something will make you disgusted.
3 – brings argument, try to be careful to avoid a conflict.
4 – brings happiness and fun.
5 – you`ll get a gift for sure. A new iPod, please.
6 – get ready to hear some gossip. It can be about you. Fine by me, I am ready to hear gossip 24/7! As long as it is about someone else.
7 – someone loves you with all their heart.
8 – you`ll be jealous, try to control yourself. Easer said than done.
9 –  worries related to gossip. Try to stay calm, and it`ll go away nicely.
10 – you`ll be in love during that cycle.
11 – assures that your loved one is devoted to you, at least during this cycle he is.
12 – someone charismatic will attract you.
13 – oh, well. Suck it up. Yeah, I figured so.
14 – good news are coming.
15 – bad news are coming. Don`t you wish your period started a day earlier?
16 – you`ll get a spanking for your sharp tongue. Fine, as long as it is not a heavy beating.
17 – sadness. Your loved one will go away.
18 – you`ll be in love.
19 – you will be in LOVE for sure.
20 – you`ll be in love that won`t be returned.
21 – be careful, someone is trying to fool you.
22 – brings material benefits, may be money. Yes, please!
23 – promises happiness.
24 – you have guests coming. Just not too many, I have a small apartment.
25 – you meet a new person. Now, that`s a silly prediction, I meet people every day!
26 – someone will pity you.
27 – your wish will come true.
28 – all is well.
29 – tears. Let`s hope they`ll come from cutting onions only.
30 – your interest in someone is mutual.
31 – something unexpected will come – either love or adventure.

UPDATE: Guess what, it was pretty accurate this month! My pp started Tuesday and, according to the telling, I was supposed to meet someone I have not seen before. And yes, this month I met online my long lost cousin from Moldova. It was 20 years ago when he was taken from his mother (my aunt) and he recently found her and us through the social network!!! So far, I am quite impressed. )))


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