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What your teeth are telling you?

Today I had an interesting massage class where all fourteen of us put on hospital gloves and went into each other`s mouth for intraoral muscle`s stretching. Sounds dangerous, right? Before I put my pinky between Ruth`s wisdom tooth and tongue, I thought that too. Nope. All went well, my fingers are intact and so is Ruth`s orifice.

I could go on about it, but today my post is actually about an interesting theory my teacher mentioned. He said that teeth and our emotions are in fact connected.
I decided to illustrate that point quite literally, by drawing this silly picture in Photoshop. How do you like my mad skills?))))
The information below is taken from the internet. It`s up to you to take it seriously or not.

– So, if one of your teeth on the right side of the upper jaw is giving you trouble, ┬áthat means you feel lost and unaccomplished. Perhaps, it is time for a change?
– Pain in one of your teeth from the left side of the upper jaw signals that you are having difficulty excepting who you are.
– Pain in the lower jaw`s right side is about you not having a true purpose in life.
– And pain on the left side of your lower jaw is hinting at you not getting along with your family.
– Also, the entire right side is responsible for your relationship with Dad. If it hurts, perhaps it is time to talk to him.
– Relationship with Mum is on the left side.

If I look at my own teeth, it is clear I need to chat with Mother. I sort of knew that already, but thanks anyway. )))

P`S` As I was searching for emotional connection to teeth, I found a physical link too – certain organs correspond with certain teeth. Check it out.


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