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Oracle Cards

How often do you find yourself asking, What should I do?
I do very often! It can refer to something mundane or it can be about making a business decision. Sometimes I am just not sure, and that`s when the support of higher power comes in handy.
It comes in a form of oracle cards.
They are forty four beautifully designed high-quality pictures with a guidebook to decipher the meaning. They all carry a positive message. You will not find a card that says You`ll Have A Bad Day.  And may be that is why I like them so much.
No matter what card you pull out of the deck, it will say something reassuring and supportive, like You Can Do It or Open Your Heart To Love or simple Yes.
On most of my mornings I`ll pull one card out, and try to remember its message throughout the day.
Face it – it is nice to start a day with something like, You Have Magical Abilities.))))

I bought mine on Amazon for just eleven dollars, qualifies for a free shipping too. Love it!


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