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Saturn Return

I am a little astrological today, so here it goes.
Every 29 and a half years the planet Saturn makes one orbit around the Sun. And, as it returns to the degree occupied during one`s birth, some major events take place in that person`s life.
With the first Saturn return, which takes place between 27 and 30 years, a person enters adulthood.
With the second return, which occurs between 58 and 60 years, a person enters maturity.
And the final return of Saturn happens between 86 and 88 years to bring a person into the stage of wisdom.
To read more about each, go here.

I am going through my first return and boy it is eventful! This last year I accomplished more things than I did in the last five!

Another thing worth checking out. There are numerous birth charts available online to figure out your Saturn sign (a Zodiac sign Saturn was in at your birth). All you need is the day/time of your birth to calculate Saturn`s position in the sky. I did mine, and it was spot on. Saturn sign usually shows the downfalls of your character, so you can work on them and become a better, happier You! )))


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