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Blood type diet

So many diets out there these days. I counted a hundred of them on Wikipedia alone. Some of them do not sound healthy to me, some of them sound silly. Some, like Kangatarian for example, are hard to follow unless you live in Australia or raise kangaroo.
But there is one diet that I find kind of interesting, so I wanted to share. It is based on a person`s blood type. According to its creator, Dr D`Adamo, there are lectins (proteins) in every food that react differently with a different blood type, thus making certain foods unhealthy for certain groups (people with O, A, B or AB blood types).

Like, I learned chicken, avocados and tomatoes are not the best food choices for me, because their lectins cause an allergic reaction to my B blood type body and slow my metabolism down. Damn! I wish it was radish or cheese, or something else I rarely eat. Oh, well.

So, if you have an unexplainable allergic reaction or if you want to loose weight (start a diet), there is this new thing to try. Or did I just make your life more complicated? ))


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