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How I was growing my eyelashes

After talking to an esthetician girlfriend with enormous eyelashes, I had decided to grow mine as well. She of course was using Latisse formula, but I found it to be less desirable for two reasons: the price (3ml bottle for $116), and the fact it may stain the iris (on people with light eyes). I asked, if she knew about other products worth trying, and she mentioned Peter Thomas and Roth Lashes To Die For. When I checked it on Amazon, the price was 3 times less than that of the Latisse (5,9ml bottle for $77). Easy decision. ))
I started using the product, diligently applying it on my eyelashes every night before bed. Four months later I still use the same bottle, even though it says it`s a three months supply.

So, after 16 weeks my verdict is three *** stars.
– one * star for the price (twenty dollars a month is very affordable to me)
– one * star for the quality. My eyelashes did grow a little longer and thicker
– and one * star just cause. Even though the growth was minimal, when I put my mascara on, I like it. ))

What you think? Was it worth it?


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