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What I learned about pregnancy

I just spent days watching natural births, talking about pregnancy and massaging pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. In other words, I took a Pregnancy/Postpartum massage course and my collection of massage certificates grew a little bit thicker.

Besides the obvious – new massage techniques and understanding how a pregnant woman may feel, I learned a few things that I think you may find useful in your pregnancy, so here it goes:

– Take a deep breath into your belly. On the exhale ‘tuck your tail’ and do Kegels. Do this while in bed laying on your side. In time, this simple exercise will strengthen the muscles necessary to push a baby out.
– Consider having regular Prenatal massages throughout pregnancy, unless not advised by your doctor. It helps with stress, and decreases postpartum depression.
– Press this acupressure point on your wrist for morning sickness. By the way, you may find that eating every three hours can help (nibble on something healthy at night too).
– Unless allergic, you can make  a mixture of essential oils that may help with stretch marks afterwards – twenty drops of lavender, five drops of neroli mixed in two ounces of wheat germ oil. Just make sure all the ingredients are organic and fresh.

Useful links for Mamas and hopefully Papas:
1) There is a website MaternityGallery where you can see how a belly may look like from 3rd to 41st week. You can upload your pictures too.
2) NaturalResources center for those of you who live in San Francisco. It offers tons of classes, educational materials and a list of certified doulas, nutritionists, massage therapists, etc.
3) There is a specific type of massage called Bindegewebsmassage that may help to tighten the postpartum belly.

I hope you find it useful. Have a safe and happy pregnancy! )))


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