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Heel pain

Or Plantar Fasciitis, if I were to get all scientific on you.
Ten percent of Americans get it in their lifetime. Mostly women. Mostly athletes, runners and overweight folks. Annoying pain in the heel of the foot  is one of the widely recognized symptoms. Especially in the morning.
What to do?
Well, there is plenty of special footwear, orthotics to slip into a shoe, splints to wear at night, etc. But being a massage therapist, I of course suggest to go to the likely source – tight calf muscles. Let`s stretch them!
You can use a towel, a wall, or ask your partner to help. Whatever you choose, all you need to do is just stretch the hell out of it. Here is a Ten Steps article on the issue. While I tend to disagree with popping a pill, I find some of the their suggestions (3, 4 and 5) quite useful.


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