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In December of 2004 I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder, which means my thyroid gland is under active, causing all kind of trouble – like weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, etc. I went on hormonal therapy for awhile (armour thyroid), but a year later decided to stop taking pills.
You see, I am a big believer that in some cases our bodies are capable of healing themselves, and I thought that was the case with me.
I changed my diet for better and started exercising.  And yes, my hormones did improve some, but then I hit a plato of semi-normal results. I decided not to dwell on that too much and kept on living my life, checking the hormones twice a year t make sure they do not get too crazy.
And then… unexpected happened. In Summer of 2010 I added a new thing to my diet – alkaline ionized water. I had been drinking it every day since, annually checking my thyroid hormones to keep monitoring. Guess what? It has been normal SINCE I started drinking the water.
Water helps with thyroid? Go figure… I`ll keep on drinking it though, and if you are interested in it, here is a fascinating online demo about the water and machine itself. That`ll be twenty-five minutes of your time well spent.
NOTE: This water machine I bought was bloody expensive (about $4.500)! My ex husband thought I was nuts. )) I have no regrets though, because how I feel is more important to me than the price. I payed it off myself in ten months.


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