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Master Cleanse

Last night I went to listen to one of my favorite massage teachers/chiropractor speak about cleanses. We talked about how important it is to detoxify the body, mind, spirit. He offered us to come up with three things we want to fast from and three – to feast on. I thought it was brilliant! Many people in the room chose to fast from things like chocolate, meat, alcohol, nicotine and so on, but there were some (including me) that chose to cleanse from negative emotions, like fear, anger, etc. I feel we carry a lot of that gunk inside without even realizing how toxic it is to our whole being.

So, starting today I am going on a cleanse. Why? Well, I am turning thirty in a month. Doing the cleanse is like shedding an old skin. It is like getting a closure on some things in the past and opening the door to a new and exciting future… in a cleaner body! ))
I am shooting for five days, but since I have never done anything like it, I might be done earlier due to powerful cravings. ))

The Cleanse Recipe:
60oz serving (1 day worth)
12tbsp Organic Lemons – freshly juiced
12 tbsp Organic Grade B Maple Syrup (or Molasses)
Filter Water (ionized and super-delicious in my case)
All that  goodness should be kept in a glass jar (not plastic or metal). Also, lemons should not be kept in a fridge, leave them out in the open – the enzymes will be alive.

Important things to add during the cleanse to help a body:
– scraping a tongue every morning  (scraper or spoon). There are a lot of toxins coming out that way, that`s why
– every evening brushing a body with a skin brush towards the heart to improve lymphatic drainage and then taking a hot 15-20min bath with 3-5lb of Epsom salts (may also add 2 cups of organic apple cider vinegar). Drinking water during/after the bath is important too
– drinking plenty of water during a cleanse (plus herbal teas and laxative teas like Smooth Move)
– doing gentle exercises (walk, yoga, etc)
– using neti pot to clean nasal cavities (Note: If a person is coming down with a cold, it is not advised to do it)
– do enema, if a body is constipated. It may be done few times during the cleanse. Three applications are advised: shallow at first, then medium, and finish up with a large enema to clean up the large intestine.  May be done laying in a warm bath
– salt flush. Should be done only if a person did not have solid food during cleanse! One table spoon of salt is added to one liter of water. Cheers! The water should not taste very salty, otherwise the body will retain it
– liver support with castor oil. Applying a pack on the spot where liver hangs out. May add some heat on top.
– and of course a good massage is advised to help further detoxify the system! ))

Breaking a cleanse is as important as going on it!!! It needs to be done slowly!  Starting with a fruit, and then a salad the next day.

After a cleanse, to support a digestive system, it`s a good idea to add probiotics.

So, what are you all thinking? Am I mad to go for it? ))

The first half of my day went fine, I did not feel hungry or tired. But when 5pm hit, I really felt that there was nothing in my stomach. I also had a client that evening, but despite my fears massage went well and surprisingly I did not feel hungry afterwards.
Throughout the day I drank about 50oz of Cleanse mixture, 50oz of alkaline water and had 2 cups of Smooth Move tea. Yeah, lots of peeing, no number two though. ))
Finished the day with brushing the body towards the heart to help lymph circulation and lied in a hot bath with Epsom salts/vinegar for twenty minutes. Then off to bed.

Had trouble sleeping, then two bowel movements at 4.30am. Thank you, Smooth Move tea, I suppose it really does take 12 hours for you to kick in. )) Started the day with a large bottle of alkaline water).
Today I felt low on energy and kind of spacy, but the hunger went away. Hurrah! I actually was just thirsty for the most of the day. Drank 60oz of Cleanse juice, had a few canteens of water and a cup of Smooth Move to help with elimination.
At 8pm I also did a Sea Salt flush – mixed a tablespoon of salt (NOT iodized!) with one liter of pure water and drank it. It was quite difficult – the taste was awful. Within the next two hours two major bowel movements followed.
Finished my day with the Epsom salts/vinegar hot bath just like the night before.

Slept really well, no bathroom interruptions. Feel fine, no hunger. Juiced just one lemon and mixed it with 6 spoons of maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper and water into my BPA free 30oz  bottle. That`s my breakfast and lunch.
After I was done with work, I came home and… decided to finish my cleanse today. It is not that I feel hungry or unhealthy, I just decided that for the first time it is enough shock for my body to endure. ))

As soon as I decided to come off the cleanse, I ate an organic apple. I then had a vegan food replacement shake by Vega, and finished the day with a vegetable smoothie (tomato, avocado, apple, celery, carrots, beet, ginger, parsley). I also started taking probiotics. Tomorrow I`ll eat something solid and more complex.

Well I dropped about five pounds in three days. That`s another reason why I decided to stop. I do not have any weight to spare. )) Feel very light, refreshed, my complexion seems clearer. That`s about it. If I decide to do a longer cleanse in the future, I`ll make sure I have few extra pounds on me first. ))


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