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If you have a headache

When you have a knot in your shoulder or an annoying painful spot somewhere, what do you do? Press on it, rub it, touch it. Right?
Well, there is a simple invention that pretty much does that and helps with pain in the neck and head. It is called Ben`s Block.
I had been using it every day for the last two months or so, and am happy with the results. Every night, while in bed, I lay on it for 3-4 minutes, changing the spot every thirty seconds. There are three options on each block that you can choose from – sharp, semi-sharp and rounded, depending on the severity of your pain. You just need to choose the angle that works for you. I`m using the sharpest one and you can probably see that it is pretty pointy on the picture above.

does it work? Well, it is similar to trigger point work – you press on a tense spot for half a minute or so, and muscle is forced to let go some of its tension. Why does it happen? Well, because after you pressed on something, and then released it, the blood flows faster to that area and brings in the nutrients. The stagnant spot is then ‘hydrated’ so to speak and relaxes a bit by bit.

You can watch a video and read more details on the website, if this little device looks interesting enough for you. The inventor holds Ph.D. in Sports Medicine and Education and has 45 years of experience working with muscles, by the way. ))


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