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The art of co-washing

I often hear people say, ”Oh, you are so lucky to have curly hair”. And it is always the people with straight hair. ))
Sure, it is nice to have volume and curls. But what they do not know is that curly hair is often frizzy and dry and it usually takes a lot of effort to make it look presentable. Well, not anymore!
I came across a simple solution – washing my hair with a conditioner! Hence the name co-washing.
Basically, you just take a bottle of conditioner and pretend it is a shampoo. And just ignore the fact that it does not lather. )) You can read more about why it works here.
Important things to remember:
– not to brush the hair (if you absolutely must do it, at least do it when it is wet)
– apply product from the ends up, not vice versa
– dry it naturally and use micro-fiber towels
– I personally put my wet hair in a high bun over night and it looks gorgeous in the morning. No frizz.

Now, what hair product to use.
I am totally smitten by Aveda`s line for curly hair – Be Curly! My hair is soft, shiny, less frizzy. It helped me with hair loss and split ends too.
You may find the way I do it to be a bit complicated, but it really takes me about 5-7 minutes:
– wash my hair with a Be Curly Conditioner
– apply Damage Remedy treatment for a few minutes
– apply Damage Remedy Daily Repair
– and finish it off with a little of Be Curly Style Prep
Then I put it in the bun and off I go to bed.

Results? You can see it in my recent picture. I had been doing co-washing for three weeks or so, but used the Aveda line for over three months.


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