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Get rid of double chin. Fast.

Get rid of double chin. Fast.
Usually when I read titles like this, I assume it sounds too good to be true. And most often than not it is. But, since I tried this exercise myself and saw immediate results, I did not know how else to title this post.

As a massage therapist, I am naturally a big fan of muscles. So, when I heard about face building to prevent/get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin by using isometric exercises, I got curious. I KNOW that isometric exercises work, because I DO them daily and perform them on clients.

There is a bunch of books on the Internet, I chose a book that has been originally written in the old 60s. Yeah! The lady is no longer alive, but her legacy lives on in this 12th edition of Face Lifting by Exercise!

And what a treat! Eleven exercises for double chin, crows feet, jowls, pouches, forehead lines, etc. And they work!

As a teaser, I am attaching a photographed page of the double chin exercise below. This one really works fast! You can see the results on the above picture of my chin before and after doing four repetitions of the exercise. That`s like a difference in one minute!

So, try and decide for yourself. ))

P`S` For the results to be long-lasting, you will have to do the exercise five times a week. Hey, it is only one minute a day. I spend much more time on mindlessly surfing the internet. ))


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