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Sleep. If you can

There was a seven months period when I had to sleep on a couch in my girlfriend`s living room.
It was not bad, but I went from having peaceful nights of rest to waking up every few hours at the most inconvenient time like 2 and 4am, and then feeling like crap in the morning – fatigue and headaches.

Side note: there was also a working fridge about two feet away from my head…

I had always been a very good sleeper, so naturally this change bothered me and became a noticeable nuisance. Since then I have corrected the problem and am a happy sleeper yet again! Yay!
So, here is what I have been able to find out:

1) It DOES matter which direction your head is in when you sleep! And it depends on… when you were born!
According to the art of Feng Shui, each person has four favorable and four inauspicious directions (or corners). All you need to do is calculate your Gua (Kua) number by putting your birthday details here, and you`ll get the rest.
It came to me as no surprise to find out that I was sleeping in my worst direction – North, also called ”Five Ghosts”.  Alright, I have re-arranged my bed to face one of my best corners – North East “Personal Development” and am no longer waking up at ungodly hours! Go figure.

2) Appliances! Computers! Cellphones!
Having had the fridge right next to my head was not a smart idea, and we rarely are in a situation like that. However, most of us are surrounded by electronic devices of all kind while we sleep. All those electromagnetic frequencies cannot possibly be good.
I have moved away my iThings from the bed and – no more headaches upon waking up in the morning. There are numerous articles on the issue, just Google. Or try sleeping without your cellphone on the bedside table and see if you feel any different.

3) This one is tricky – Noxious Earth Lines!
Such lines are all over the place and not confined to the Earth`s surface, meaning it does not matter if you live on the first or fifteen`s floor. This grid covers the entire planet and is about 10-15 feet apart and thirty inches wide. Sleeping on such lines may give you a migraine headache, fatigue or worse… serious disease. Read more about those unfriendly things here.
What to do about it? Move. Duh. But sometimes it just is not possible to move the bed or a work station to another location. So, here is what I learned from a friend who claims he had found a solution – programming and placing amethyst crystals on the noxious lines to cancel out the harmful effects. Basically, one goes to a crystal shop, picks up a nice amethyst (any size will do, but I chose a big raw block of it, cause it looks nice). You then clean it with cold water and program it by saying the words like, ”I return you to the original cluster from where you were taken. I  ask your permission to take you from your cluster and now program you to protect from noxious earth lines and electromagnetic frequencies…” Repeat three times. Be specific to what you want the crystal to do. The ”return-take from the cluster” part is just something that was advised to me and was done to my crystal.
So, I place my programmed rock under the bed when I go to sleep and have me a good rest.

P`S` How to even determine if your bed is located on top of the noxious earth lines? Dowsing rods! – Or find someone who can do it for you. Good luck and sleep tight!



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