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If you were to read just one book this year

I have been reading a lot of books on trauma, healing, spirituality. Anything that can get me closer to understanding my problems. Like, why my relationships failed in the past, why I have been struggling financially, why my health is not where I want it to be, etc.
While every book has taught me something, it never touched the CORE of the problem – the ”program” installed in my subconscious, program called
”You Are Not Good Enough”…
It was the book, Let God Love You Up, written by my psychic teacher Zoe Inman that brought light into the dark silo where I was living.
Oh, this book will challenge your paradigm, it will piss you off at times, it will make you laugh, cry and everything in between – deep Truth usually does that ))

To give you a very concise and brief description of the book: you get wounded early on in life. It is usually the parents (one more than the other) that unconsciously (or deliberately) do that. The major two wounds are: ”You are not good enough” OR/AND ”You are perfect”. ┬áThis wound is there for you to wake up, to take responsibility, to let God love You, to let you love you, all of you… In other words, the wound is where the light comes in. ))
So, if you are tired of repeating the same shitty mistakes. AND have the courage to feel uncomfortable, because you will, if you read this. Then, I offer you this awesome tool to dig in deeper, back to your true divine self.
That`s right! I said you are DIVINE ))


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