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Brain. Use it or loose it

Even though I was always considered as an above average student, I have struggled in school and college. Certain tasks, like focusing, paying close attention and remembering the material for the long period of time were challenging. They were not bad enough for me to fail academically, but there was always a sense of lack, a sense that some parts of my brain are not firing to their best ability.

I learned to live with it, believing that poor concentration was due to stress and my hyperactive, sensitive personality.
In a sense I gave up on ever improving my brain function. So, whenever I would read something, I would automatically assume that I won`t remember a word of it later and that I did.
This damaging thinking had stayed with me until quite recently. I became fascinated with the books on brains and their function. In one of them, called The Brain That Changes Itself, I came across a term ‘Brain Plasticity’ claiming that brain`s function can be improved¬† at any age.
What do you need to make it happen? Simple. Exercise your brain! I came across two computer programs that I use РBrainHQ (computer program/iPad app) and Fast Forword (iPad app). Both developed by a brilliant neuroscientist, Dr Merzenich, PhD. The only thing required is your time. Something like thirty minutes a day, five days a week. Results? Amazing. My concentration ability is growing. It has already improved the quality of my work and interaction with people. I have only been doing it for two weeks!
If you have a child that has a ‘learning difficulty’, autism, etc. Or you struggle with it yourself. Or you just want to stay sharp as you age. I suggest you try to play these games. They cost close to nothing, but the rewards are life-changing.



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