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Did you know that baking soda and salt can do that to teeth?

A few weeks ago I had a gum situation – my growing wisdom tooth irritated the tissues around it and I was stuck with debilitating pain, infection, swelling and sore jaw. As I was contemplating a visit to a dentist – a trip I really did not want to make since I do not have a dental insurance – my friend (who has recurring flare ups of this sort)  recommended to mix a spoon full of baking soda and salt in a glass of water and gargle with it for a minute or so, every thirty minute, for as long as it takes. I ended up doing it for about four days and continued twice a day for another four days, just in case.

The inflammation, the pain, the soreness – it was all gone. And, what also has gone was the plaque! I used to get it just where we all do – on the inner side, at the bottom of my teeth.  Hundred bucks for a dental visit and it was taken care of, but I am seeing now that a regular use of baking soda and salt can do the trick too. So, now I have a cup of the mix next to my toothpaste and use it after each brushing.
I am not saying that I will skip the dental visits all together, but if I can take better care of my teeth and save money, I will definitely do that. That, and my teeth are definitely whiter now! Nice bonus.


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