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How legs against the wall help with sleep

Having your legs up on the wall helps to de stress. No, really, it does. Here is how:
Stress is deeply connected to your diaphragm for when it moves freely, the rib cage can expand, the lungs can fill more fully and the PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) wakes up. Diphragm also helps to pump the lymphatic fluid up towards the heart, which is super important for proper immune system function.

And that is where legs up the wall exercise comes in handy – by placing them on the wall (as close to it as it is comfortable to you), you stretch open your diaphragm which allows for deeper belly breaths. It can be done during the day to bring in more energy, or at the end of the workout, or before falling asleep. Yogis value this exercise for it reverses the constant pressure on diaphragm, legs, heart and lungs.

So, get close to the wall, legs up, breathe slowly and deeply into your belly, cover your eyes if you wish. Try stretching your arms out or placing them overhead, if that feels comfortable. Do it for at least five minutes. I personally indulge for ten or more, great feeling of calm afterwards.
NOTE: If having your legs on the wall is not possible due to injury, try placing them bent at a 90 degree angle on a stool or a couch while you lay on the floor.

I got this exercise from the great book written by Dr of Osteopathy Maud Nerman – Healing Pain and Injury. She definitely knows her stuff after successfully treating people with acute and chronic illnesses for the past thirty years. One of them was my friend, who suffered terrible migraines before coming to Maud…


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