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You think you know how to breathe?

dreamstime_xs_38001550 (1)In August 2014 I have participated in a life-changing seminar called Restorative Breathing, taught by Lois Laynee, Ph.d.
The idea was brilliantly simple, the exercises taught in class were great. I highly recommend any health practitioner or just a layman to take that class with Lois.
In a few words, optimal breathing in a healthy human should look like this:
– breathing through the nose only, not the mouth
– breathing into the belly, not the chest
– lips gently together, tongue behind upper front teeth
– exhaling longer than inhaling, 1:2 ratio

As to why it should be this way and not the other, I am referring you guys to a very informative post written by another attendee of Lois`s seminar – Dr Chris Barnes.

Ever since I have taken the seminar and applied its principles in my daily life, I have noticeably increased my stamina, energy levels and overall sense of well-being. I am now running a few times a week, which I had never done before due to shortness of breath. I started hiking for 5-6 hours on weekends… All because of the simple change to the way I breathe.

Funny thing, I never thought I struggled with my breathing before taking Lois`s class. I though it was pretty normal to wake up with congested sinuses, to be out of breath after a short run for the bus, to not be able to hold my breath for more than a minute. Turns out it is not normal, it is mediocre at best. And that is how my health always has been – kind of OK, but not great. Well, there are simple, effective and free ways to improve it, I tell you that!

And it starts with breath))


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