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Period-Proof Panties

unnamedThis afternoon, I saw a Facebook post about period-proof underwear. Yep! That is right.
It has been finally done. By women, of course! )) Call it Thinx.
I read their story and it is not only a great product, but these ladies also help women who cannot afford to buy tampons and pads.
You will be surprised how many!
It brings certain memories to me as well when I was growing up in Soviet Union.
Apparently there are 67 million women in need, in Africa alone!
Many young girls during their monthly ‘week of shame’  have to miss school. Sometimes it results in dropping out, because they get too far behind! They use whatever resources they can find – mud, leaves, sticks…

So, the ladies of Thinx partnered up with AFRIpads. And for every pair of Thinx panties you buy, seven re-usable AFRipads will be produced and given to a girl who badly needs them.
Now, that is an idea worth spreading, don`t you think? ))

I bought their thong today, and will update later with an honest opinion on how it works.

UPDATE: It is now four months later. I love the panties. They are comfortable and work very well for the first and last day of my period, as well as an extra protection on the heavy days when I use tampons. I was worried that the material may be too thick and look odd through clothes, but it has not been an issue at all. Great buy (and savings since I do not use tampons for the two days when I wear Thinx).


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