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Superbrain Yoga

unnamedNeed to recharge the brain, focus on a mental task, stop forgetting where you left the keys or simply raise your IQ?
A simple exercise done daily will help with all of that.
If you do not want to buy a book and read it through, here it is in a few steps:

1) Face East (North for elderly folk)
2) Hold the right ear lobe with the left thumb and index fingers (thumb facing the front of the ear lobe)
3) Hold the left ear lobe with the right thumb and index finger (right arm has to be on top of the left arm)
4) Place the tongue on the roof top of the mouth.
5) Breathe in through nose and squat at the same time.
6) Breathe out through nose and get up at the same time.
7) Do that 14 times. Every day.

NOTE: Not to be performed 2 days before, after and during menstruation.


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