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Look and Feel Better with Earth

unnamedI am always looking for effective and hopefully cheap tools to help me feel and look good. One day my co-worker at Neuro Muscular Rehabilitation Center, mentioned a grounded blanket she has been using to help her sleep better. It worked by connecting to the Earth`s surface charge, she said. I did not understand much of that explanation. She looked good though.

So, I decided to check out the website where she bought it.

Basically the company has created products that replicate bare skin contact with the Earth`s surface which provides your body with a steady flow of electrons and the electric potential of the body equalizes with the potential of the Earth. Grounding with Earth accelerates healing, helps speed the recovery from injuries and stress.

Now, the products themselves are very easy to use. The cheapest and the first one I bought was a bracelet. It can be applied either on the wrist or an ankle. The cost is twenty-seven dollars for a pair. I got it and after sitting with a bracelet on my achy right leg for thirty minutes I knew it worked. The pain got significantly less, the fatigue in my feet after standing for many hours disappeared. I got up quite astonished. I think I bought another product (grounded mat) right then. And I use it every time I am sitting in front of the computer. Just place my bare feet on top of the mat on the floor, connect it to the grounded hole via a cord and enjoy the healing flow of electrons into my body.

After about one week I bought everything else: grounded sheet to sleep on at night, pillow case and a throw. I also got fifty patches to apply on achy places (really love those!).
I use my grounded friends every day and night and after three months of use I can most definitely say it WORKS!

How am I so sure? Well, for the last two years I had a chronic pain in the heel of my right foot (let`s call it plantar fasciitis) and no amount of bodywork, rest, restorative exercise could fix it. I was spending too much time on my feet during the day and not repairing fast enough at night.
Using grounded tools helped me to feel seventy percent better in just three months! What does seventy percent look like? It looks like this: I no longer feel sharp pain when I get up in the morning (or from a couch, car, etc) and start walking!
I also have stories from people who used the grounded tools for different needs (bad insomnia, big bruise on the face, severe neck pain) and they all had seen the benefits. Another bonus I noticed – my skin complexion got better due to improved circulation.

In October 2015 I have traveled to see my family in Eastern Europe. The time difference is ten hours and my jet leg is always pretty severe when I go there. Well, not anymore! I used my grounding sheet at night, and made sure to walk bare feet on the earth for forty minutes as soon as I could to reset and sync my system with the local circadian rhythms. It was very effective. How effective? I basically had no jet leg this time! Oh, and my parents, brother and his three years old twins are enjoying the grounding as well now – I got them floor mats and pillow cases.

This stuff is no miracle cure, but it is a very useful and natural way to get better faster. I especially like that there is zero work involved. Just plug it in and contact the skin. Simple.

P`S` During my trip to Eastern Europe I had a long (seven hours) layover at Frankfurt airport and was already feeling the effects of jet leg. No need to suffer! I found a plug, put my bracelet on and grounded myself. I felt better almost instantly!
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