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Himalayas Air in Your Bedroom

0b8209ad-9a81-48a4-a6f9-84abf48735faFrom the moment I saw an online ad for
Himalayan salt lamps, I knew I wanted one!

I owned this lamp for many years now and it worked great all this time, providing soft, orange-ish glow for my bedroom, and, allegedly, ionizing the air. I think I only changed a bulb once or twice in ten years!

I honestly cannot tell you if the whole ionization process works, or if I breathe better with the lamp or not. I do notice that it has calming effect on my nervous system and makes my bedroom look so much more cozy and warm. A nice feeling to have on a cold winter day!

Back in 2006 I have given a bunch of lamps to my parents and brother, and they still use it every day. My three years old niece and nephew sleep with the lamp on and are no longer afraid of the dark. And love it. A great gift idea in my opinion.


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