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OMMIn June 2016 I spent time visiting family in Eastern Europe. I noticed that my younger brother Denis looked more peaceful and present than ever. Unlike me, who has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety that came shortly after a traumatic experience in April of the same year…
I asked what`s up and he gladly shared the newly found technique and asked me to help translate a book. It was called One Moment Meditation.
It was about finding a minute to sit down, close the eyes and watch your own breath. Yep. That`s it.
I found the idea to meditate for just a minute laughable and not serious at first. After all, I had been meditating for at least fifteen minutes on most days using the Insight Timer app on my phone. But after watching my brother do it multiple times during the day to quiet the mind, I began to see the potential. I could see that it was about slowly developing a habit to be present and aware at all times by watching the breath.
I know, it is hard to carve out a half hour during the day, if you have a busy life.
Yet it is much easier to grab a minute here and there to slow down. And those minutes add up.

If it picked your interest, there is a book available in e- and regular formats to learn more about the technique, an online year long course OMM365. And there is an app itself, which is free and easy to use – OMM.  Check it out!


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