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Your armpits will love it

unnamedTrying to use as natural products as possible when it comes to my body, I have been using Lush deodorant with patchouli scent for the last ten or so years.
Thing is – it drove my boyfriend nuts and it did not last as long as I wanted it to. I am a bodyworker and at the end of the busy day my armpits are not as fresh as they are in the morning.

So, I have started looking for a healthy alternative, that: a) would not have a patchouli scent; b) keep my armpits happy all day long.
And I found it!
Native deodorants provide that! I got their $30 Sample Pack with three products:
– lavender and rose
– coconut and vanilla
– unscented
And wow! My vote goes to lavender and rose. Even though coconut and vanilla is quite lovely, I find its scent too sweet for my taste.
The unscented one goes to my man.))

I applied it in the morning and went to work. I returned home after nine hours of walking, working and being as active as usual and my armpits are completely dry and smell like a gentle rose. Yay!
Try, you will be impressed. Shipping is free.

P`S Seasonally, they also have grapefruit-bergamot and cucumber-mint scents.


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