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The Invisible and Ignored. Lymph

When we talk about body systems, the ones commonly mentioned are cardio-vascular, nervous, muscular and skeletal.
And yet, there is a system our entire body (except for hair, nails and cartilage) bathes in constantly – lymphatic!

There are fifteen liters of lymph in a human body. That is three times more than blood!
If you place all the lymph vessels back to back, you can circle the globe four times.

It is a hard-working, invisible sewage system of the body. It’s job is to get rid of toxins from external and internal environment.
One fifth of lymph replenishes itself every single day. Or so it should, if
– you are properly hydrated, because 90% of lymph is water,
– You move your body. Walking, exercise, jumping especially,
– You breathe mostly into your belly not your chest, using the diaphragm as a lymphatic pump,
– You dry skin brush before shower. Gentle touch, no scrubbing or pressing hard. Always towards the heart, since that is the direction lymph flows in.

If you wonder about the health of your lymph, here are a few common symptoms of it not working properly: skin problems, digestive issues, inflammation, sore joints and muscles and autoimmune disorders. And who does not have at least one of them?! I know of no one.

After beginning to study lymph and integrating the lymph moving techniques into my work, I have been noticing positive shifts in my own body and the bodies of my clients!

I have always been a fan of simplicity and availability in terms of exercise. If it is too complex, too long, requires an expensive purchase of any kind, I find myself easily turned off.
I am happy to report that lymph pumping techniques turned out to be very simple and can be done anywhere)
I just returned from a car trip to the mountains, which involved a lot of driving and sitting. We stopped and moved our bodies for ten minutes every few hours and what a difference it has made! Low back/neck soreness – gone. Skin tone -improved. Bowel movement – improved. Mood – great! Simple, no?

There is a fabulous educational video done by Dr Perry Nickelston on Vimeo. It is called Lymphatic Mojo. You do not need to be a bodyworker to benefit from the information he presented. Just interested in kicking your energy levels up a notch!) He also has a lot of exercises to help your lymph move better. I’m certainly doing them! The video is not free though)

You may want to come for a bodywork session, and I will do it on you and will teach you how to do it yourself.

Meanwhile, just remember to breathe into your belly, hydrate plenty, move as much as you can, and jump whenever possible! Stay well.


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