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Am I getting dumber with every glass of it?

I drink a lot of water (filtered tap), and I often forget most stupid things.. Is there a connection? After watching Mercury & Fluoride on YouTube I say may be.
In a nutshell, fluoride in drinking water is supposed to reduce teeth decay by half. Great news!  But with two crowns being recently installed in my jaw I am yet to contribute from such a benefit. Or perhaps, I would of had twice as many crowns had I not drank fluoride water daily? Who knows..
I just wonder if we really need it. Most of Western Europe does not fluoride its water, yet their teeth look fine. I wrote ”most”, because one Swiss city had been using it for 41 years until 2003 and there is a bunch of Spanish towns that still do. That`s about it.
Another thing is the quantity of fluoride in our tap waters. Fresh water from rivers and lakes generally contain between 0.01–0.3 ppm of natural fluoride, oceans have between 1.2 and 1.5 ppm. I just looked at the 2009 Annual Water Quality Report on my town`s tap water and found it had 2ppm. That`s anywhere from six to twenty times higher than nature intended. With the prices on dental, I understand the importance of keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. But like I said, I am yet to contribute.
So, why do we do it?  The documentary I mentioned above offers a rather scary explanation. Watch and find out.

P`S` If you are curious about fluoride in your tap, here is a EPA link.


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