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LadyCup. Read the instructions first!

Few weeks ago I heard about something called Lady Cup. Shame on me for not discovering it sooner. Turns out, even my husband knew about it before me. And he is a Man!
So, after reading about it, I was like, That`s cool, I must have it!
I got my cup from the LadyCup website for thirty bucks and decided to test it right away.
I am an impatient person, which sometimes gets me in trouble. In this case I tried the cup without reading the manual first! How hard can it be, right? Wrong!
Insertion part was relatively easy, and I went to work, leaving the instructions at home. But when the time came to remove the cup, I was close to having a panic attack. It just would not come out! I even thought I would have to go the ER! That would be a day to remember!
Well, luckily I managed to remove it without embarrassing myself. I then read the instructions, when I got back home. Turned out, I was supposed to press the bottom part to relieve the pressure. Duh!
I am going to give it a try. I really like Earth-friendly ideas. Besides, it saves money in a long run. For me it is about fifty dollars a year.

After mentioning LadyCup to my girlfriend though, I can see that some women will find it unappealing. Her response was, I`ll never do it. That`s disgusting!
Oh, well.


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