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Twenty dollars for some Fine water? No, thanks

This blog post is inspired by something I read online. It was an article called
How much would you spend on the best water on earth?
To make the long story short, this person was charged seven dollars for a bottle of filtered tap water at one LA restaurant, and she is trying to come to terms with it by asking everyone how much they would pay.
I looked at the 100 something comments, and agree with the majority – I would not spend that much, let alone waste twenty bucks on a bottle of mineral water from Japan. I do not care how tasty or fantastic it may be. It`s crazy!
I mean, let`s do the simple math here. We all need to drink approximately eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. One bottle has about three glasses in it. If I were to drink Fine water, I would spend fifty-three dollars in one day!!!
And in 2.5 months it would run me $4,000.
By the way, that`s roughly how much my water ionizer cost me. Expensive? Oh, yes! But that thing is going to last for twenty or so years (meaning I will only pay fifty cents a day for my eight glasses of pure, alkaline heaven).



Comment from Jane
Time July 21, 2010 at 8:46 pm

I am on of those who strongly believe that bottled waters are the biggest scam on earth:)

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