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I am peeling

I was perusing through a message board (one of many I read when I am too lazy to study), and came across a topic on affordable peels. A girl was mentioning a 30% Salicylic peel she got on ebay for just 24 bucks (with shipping), and how wonderfully well it worked on her face, removing acne scars, sun spots, and other irritating things that once you have them, seem to stay forever. She was told about that particular product by her esthetician friend who uses it herself.
You remember that I try everything on myself, right? OK. I got two bottles a week later, and started the treatment that very same evening.

Procedure is simple. You just mix the acid with the same amount of water (50:50) and store it in a glass bottle (I actually used a cheap plastic Walgreen`s bottle). In the evening, after cleaning the face, apply the water/peel mixture for five minutes (avoid the areas around the nose and under eyes, duhh) and then wash off. Some good moisturizing cream should follow immediately.
You do this to your face for seven days, and then take a break (three to seven days) – the face should peel some more during that time. Then you apply the actual 30% acid on your face. But do so for just 30 seconds. Pay attention. It is not a minute or two. It is 30 seconds! Then wash it off, put cream, and go to bed. Next day your face should look just fine, but do not worry, in 3-4 days you`ll get  a massive peeling happening. That`s when you are supposed to get rid of scars and spots. It`s best to time it with your day-off, because the face will look awful.

Treatments of that kind can be repeated up to 5 times with 1-2 weeks breaks. After that it is worthless, cause your skin will get used to the acid. You`ll need to alternate for something different to get results (glycolic, lactic, etc).

When you do this treatment, remember that your skin will get very photosensitive, and you MUST put at least 30SPF sunscreen every time you go outside (even if you are just taking the rubbish out). Do not kid yourself, do as you are told. Or else you can really damage your skin.

I go first, and you may choose to follow me or visit esthetician instead. That would probably be safer anyway.

Day One
Washed the face. Cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. Applied the mixture with a cotton pad. Waited for five minutes. Unpleasant, but nothing extreme. Washed my face with 5.0ph acidic water (regular tap will do just fine). Put a lot of thick night cream mixed with liquid vitamins (not necessary). Face is a little red, no flaking, no dryness. Skin feels and looks the same.

Day Two
Did all of the above. Skin is a little bit tighter.

Day Three
Did all of the above. The burning sensation intensified. Skin is certainly dryer, pinkish cheeks, no flaking though.

Day Four
Did all of the above. The burning sensation was OMG!!! Barely did the five minutes and ran into the bathroom to wash it off. Face is peeling around the chin, forehead. Skin is dry, but nothing too unplesant.

Day Five
Did all of the above. Holy Mother of G*d! It burned pretty bad. Washed the face after five minutes of torture, and put the cream with vitamins on. Skin is peeling on the chin, forehead, sides of the face.

Day Six
With painful anticipation pull out the bottle, and did the procedure. Again, suffered for five minutes,  then washed the face, and put the cream. More peeling on the chin, forehead and sides. One side of the face looks likes it has a thin white film on it.

Day Seven
The face is peeling around the chin, forehead and sides. Looks pretty bad, especially after I apply the sunscreen – it looks like I covered myself with a toothpaste and let it dry.
Getting to work, I had to hide myself with a big hat and sunglasses.
Today was the last day of doing the mixed peel (acid:water). Taking a few days break now before the BIG one.

Three days later
I did the full strength peel. Had to use a blow dryer – to blow cool air at my face for 30 seconds, otherwise it would of been quite painful. Face was red afterwards, but nothing to crazy.

Day One After the Peel
Not doing anything. Just waiting. Face looks fine. No peeling.

Day Two After the Peel
I`m peeling, but just a little.

Day Three After the Peel
Peeling intensified, but again nothing extreme (not like in the picture above).

Day Four After the Peel
I peeled around my chin, forehead and cheeks. Skin looks much better, but I want more results, so…

Day of the Second Peel
Sides of my face have some light scarring, because that`s were I tend to break out, and I was not entirely satisfied how it turned out. So, I did the full strength 30% peel again, focusing on the sides. Kept it on for one minute, used the blow dryer, washed the face with water, then waited for 20 minutes and only then applied some cream.

Day One After the Second Peel
Skin is pinkish, very tight, the pores on my forehead are significantly smaller. Beginning to peel on the sides. Hurrah!

Day Two After the Second Peel
The sides of my face and skin around the chin look quite bad. It`s not peeling off as fast as I hoped.

Day Three After the Second Peel
Face is dry, skin on the sides and around the chin is darker and rough (like eczema).

Few days after
OK. So it took my face a week to peel off entirely. After all those dreadful days and hiding under the hat, I look much better, and the skin tone is more even. I am satisfied, but plan on doing more peels to get rid of all marks I gathered over decades. Decades. Wow! That word makes me feel ancient. Hopefully, after I am done, I`ll ”peel” one decade off.



Comment from June
Time May 28, 2012 at 9:57 am

Hi, I want to ask you: After you use this product for a long time, does ur skin become weaker? and have any problem?

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