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Anti-cellulite treatment Russian style!

It`s been awhile since I wrote. But not because I had nothing to say or decided to abandon my blog. No, my friends.
I was out of the country. Visiting the family back in Eastern Europe, marrying my brother to a nice girl, and yes, doing anti-cellulite treatments with a fellow massage therapist Tanya.
I stumbled on her ad at a local message board and got curious. Seven dollars a session. Common! How good can it be?!
Turned out it was very good and my butt seemed to like it very much.
We did five, back to back sessions on my lower body. One week later I took a picture and compared it with the one I took before going in. Boy, was I surprised! I certainly did not expect coffee, honey, cupping and cling wrap to do what it did.
Needless to say, I am doing everything she taught me on my body whenever I have time and continue to improve my condition. I will make a separate post about the process soon.
Attached below is a picture of my 30 year old friend. She went for the same number of treatments and graciously allowed me to post her Before and After pictures. Quite impressive, do not you think? ))))



Comment from Mila
Time December 9, 2010 at 4:56 am

Aruna, thank you for stopping by.
I will be making a video of the anti-cellulite treatment shortly. I figure it is easier to understand it that way.

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