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Peeling off a few years and… pimples

It was one day at work when I heard my co-worker say he did a peel on his face and had great results. I am always on a look-out for something worthy, so I asked him what was so special about that particular treatment.
He said that you can do it at home; it is very easy to do (no training required); it comes with all the ingredients (peeling formula, neutralizer and sticks); you can choose the intensity depending on the condition/age of your skin; it is not too painful; and you can still function and go to work… well, kind of.
The only downfall was the price. I find it quite hefty. $60 for the lightest and $185  for the strongest peel. I went for the middle one РSkin Peel 3000 at $142. It supposedly takes 3 skin layers off your face.
The process is quite simple. You apply a peeling formula on your clean, dry face, keep it on for 90 minutes and then take it off with something like petroleum jelly. You do NOT wash it with water. In fact, you are not to put any H2O on your face for the next 8 or so hours. That`s why I did it at night, and just went to bed afterwards without having to worry about water getting on me.
I did it for three days in a row, and then started putting neutralizer cream on the days four, five and six.
My face got visibly tighter on the second day, but the actual peeling had not began until I hit the day number five. I think I looked my worst on that day (see the picture below). Peeling started around my chin and then spread everywhere else. I did not look pretty of course, but wearing a large hat and sunglasses helped me to get to work for the next few days. I was patient and by the 9th day had a beautiful, radiant, younger looking skin.
Another good thing was that I only used half of the formula, so I still have enough left to do it all over again in a few months! And I certainly will!!!
NOTE: Those allergic to aspirin and resorcinol should not do this peel.



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