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The Miracle Note

I learned a new and very surprising thing today. And I want to share!
According to some researchers, there is a 528Hz frequency that makes a positive impact on our physical and mental health.
Unfortunately, it has been replaced since the 20s with not such a peaceful alternative – 440Hz frequency. If you wonder what all this means, here is a lengthy article that offers a rather scary explanation. But it really makes sense you guys!!!
Conspiracy theories… You choose wether or not to believe in them.
My goal is to spread the wellness news and bring the positive note. Literally.
Anyway… Everything I have on my iPod is recorded with 440Hz (because it is a standard in a recording world), so I decided to find something that would have good notes.
I went on the iTunes and after searching for 528Hz, downloaded an album called Source Vibrations for $8.91. All nine tracks are recorded with positive and harmonious frequencies, and they all sound lovely.
I think I will start using it during my massage sessions, so that people can benefit from the sound as well as the touch. Good idea, do not you think?


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