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Hello, friends. I`m Mila. I live in San Francisco.
Staying healthy and fit in this town is easy.
But my journey towards health did not start there..

I grew up in a small town just 435 miles West from Chernobyl. For those of you who don`t know much about it, in 1986 there was a huge nuclear explosion. It produced radioactive clouds, contaminating 99% of my homeland.
I was five when it happened. The bizarre thing was that at the time when those clouds came, unaware citizens of Belarus were celebrating the Victory Day.

I remember that day. I was a happy child on my father`s shoulders, holding a balloon. You can see that in the photo. By a strange coincidence, this is one of a very few pictures that had been taken of me as a child.
This is when my journey began. And it started with being sick all the time. Flu, mumps, heart, thyroid and sinus problems, skin disorders.. My medical file is as thick as Tolstoy`s War & Peace! No kidding.
I missed many celebrations and parties at school, I missed an opportunity to say goodbye to my dying great grandmother, because I was too weak to spend 5 days on a train to Siberia where she lived.
My friends were pretty much the same, so I knew no different. I thought it was normal to have a stuffy nose, a cold, nausea and diarrhea on a regular basis. And I thought so until  2004, when I moved to the United States (oh, and quit smoking too). This is where my long lost health began to come back.
It started with… a bowl of oats, hence the name for my blog. A friend mentioned that oats were very good for the heart and I made a porridge that day… Other things followed.

I am now a licensed massage therapist who is excited to share all things wellness, wether it`s about looking well, feeling well or just being well.

I invite you to dig into My Big Bowl of Oats, hope you enjoy it. Bon appetite!