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Superbrain Yoga

Need to recharge the brain, focus on a mental task, stop forgetting where you left the keys or simply raise your IQ? Easy! A simple exercise done daily will help with all of that. If you do not want to buy a book and read it through, here it is in a few steps: 1) […]

Get rid of double chin. Fast.

Get rid of double chin. Fast. Usually when I read titles like this, I assume it sounds too good to be true. And most often than not it is. But, since I tried this exercise myself and saw immediate results, I did not know how else to title this post. As a massage therapist, I […]

Don`t get angry, get sweaty

I got so angry at my brother today. Boy, I thought I was going to kill him!┬áIf only I could reach all the way to Europe… Why? He is getting MARRIED in two months and I am the LAST to find out! And he did not even tell me himself. My mum did!!! In an […]