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Tag: Fluoride

Twenty dollars for some Fine water? No, thanks

This blog post is inspired by something I read online. It was an article called How much would you spend on the best water on earth? To make the long story short, this person was charged seven dollars for a bottle of filtered tap water at one LA restaurant, and she is trying to come […]

You do not have the kind of water I drink

You do not have the kind of water I drink! I have heard this phrase so many times, that it is my title for this blog entry. It belongs to my friend, massage therapist of thirty years, who bought a super-duper water ionizer little less than a year ago (I had written about that water, […]

Am I getting dumber with every glass of it?

I drink a lot of water (filtered tap), and I often forget most stupid things.. Is there a connection? After watching Mercury & Fluoride on YouTube I say may be. In a nutshell, fluoride in drinking water is supposed to reduce teeth decay by half. Great news! ┬áBut with two crowns being recently installed in […]