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Period-Proof Panties

This afternoon, I saw a Facebook post about period-proof underwear. Yep! That is right. It has been finally done. By women, of course! )) Call it Thinx. I read their story and it is not only a great product, but these ladies also help women who cannot afford to buy tampons and pads. You will be […]

Monthly female cycle and fortune-telling

There is a fortune-telling based on that day of a month when every woman starts her period. Sorry, guys, this one is not for you. Ladies only. Three things are needed to make a proper prediction: the time of the day, the day of the week and the day of the month. I have never […]

LadyCup. Read the instructions first!

Few weeks ago I heard about something called Lady Cup. Shame on me for not discovering it sooner. Turns out, even my husband knew about it before me. And he is a Man! So, after reading about it, I was like, That`s cool, I must have it! I got my cup from the LadyCup website […]